what are cockroaches attracted to

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in and around homes. They are hard to get rid of, but easy to spot. These small brown or black insects with long antennae and skinny legs can be found almost anywhere if given the opportunity. You may not like them, but cockroaches are scavengers that play an important role in keeping balance within our ecosystem. They prefer warm, humid conditions away from light and noise. Cockroaches can eat almost anything from leftovers to book bindings, leather, hair, and almost any type of plant matter. What do they eat? Here is a list of things that cockroaches love…and you probably don’t!

Food That Attracts Roaches

Cockroaches are omnivorous creatures that eat both plants and animals. That being said, there are a few foodstuffs that attract roaches more than others. – Sweet foods – Foods that contain high levels of glucose like honey, syrup, jam, or fruits like bananas or apples are a popular choice among roaches. – Starchy foods – We’ve all seen the gnaw marks on the inside of chip bags and containers of snacks. These are a major attractant that can bring roaches right to your home. – Spices – Certain spices are delicious to roaches. Garlic, pepper, and turmeric are big favorites. – Grease – Roaches also love grease and oil. This is why these substances are often found in and around roach habitats. – Pet food – If you feed your pets inside, you need to be careful about what they leave behind.

Dirty Kitchen Ware

Cockroaches like dirty kitchen ware. And with good reason. The food particles, grease, and grime that’s left on dirty dishes and cookware is a delicious feast for these tiny pests. When you clean your dishes, dishes racks, and food preparation surfaces, you’re not only preventing the spread. You’re also cleaning up an appealing snack for roaches!

Leftover Food

You might think that roaches are only interested in your leftover Chinese food if it’s covered in grease and soy sauce. But these pests will eat anything that’s left over. During cold months, roaches are known to burrow into leaves and twigs. Once they’ve found a warm place to nest, they’ll eat almost anything they can get their little legs on. If you’re storing food in your refrigerator or cupboards, make sure it’s sealed tightly. This will not only prevent the spread of bacteria, it will also keep roaches from getting to it.

Pet Droppings

Cockroaches love pet droppings. If you have a dog or cat, you need to be careful about where you let them go to the bathroom. If you live in a warm, humid environment, there is a chance that roaches will come in contact with your pet’s droppings and start to feed on them. When they ingest these droppings, they will start to feed on them by excreting an enzyme that breaks down the proteins into smaller, digestible pieces.

Dark Roasted Coffee Grounds

Cockroaches love dark roasted coffee grounds. Roaches will actually feed on spilled coffee grounds if they’re still in the bag. But if you leave the grounds in your coffee machine for more than 18 hours, they will start to attract roaches. If you love coffee, you need to be careful about where you put your used bean grinds. Because roaches will eat them, you need to put them in a closed container. When storing coffee grounds, make sure they’re in a tightly sealed container. This will prevent them from becoming an open buffet for roaches.

Starchy Food Residue

Starchy food residue is one of cockroaches’ favourite snacks. This includes anything that has a high starch content. Starchy foods include cereal, pasta, bread, rice, and even potato chips. Cockroaches love starch. And they will eat it unless you seal it in an air-tight container or bag and put it in the fridge. Most foods don’t contain enough starch to attract roaches. But if you’re storing food in open containers, they may find their way to these snacks.

Human Hair and Nail Cuttings

You might think that roaches are only interested in your hair and nails if you leave them out on a countertop. But these pests will actually consume these materials from your hairbrush, pillow, or sofa. When roaches feed on human hair, they will excrete a protein that causes the strands to break down. If you have long hair, you may have noticed these tiny pests on the floor around your house. They’re not only feeding on your hair, they’re also feeding on the hair of other animals around your home.

Rotting Meat and Fish Scraps

Roaches love rotting meat and fish scraps. If you’re storing food in your refrigerator, make sure that you seal it tightly. This will prevent roaches from getting to it. When you store food in the fridge, it’s important to keep it sealed. This will keep roaches out and the food inside fresh for longer. If you have a backyard, be careful about what you put down the disposal. Raw meat scraps, chicken bones, and fish heads emit a scent that attracts roaches.

Summing Up

Cockroaches are some of the most common pests found in and around homes. These small insects can be found almost anywhere if given the opportunity. Cockroaches are omnivorous creatures that eat both plants and animals. They love sweet foods, starchy foods, spices, grease, pet droppings, dark roasted coffee grounds, and starchy food residue. If you love coffee, make sure you store the grounds in a tightly sealed container. And if you have long hair, make sure you put it up if you don’t want a few roaches crawling on you when you’re asleep!