how to stop cockroaches from coming up the drain

how to stop cockroaches from coming up the drain
Cockroaches may seem like they’re from a horror movie, but these sneaky little guys are more likely to sneak up on you and your home than lurk in the shadows. They love to make homes in dark, damp places where humans don’t often go — like the sink area of your bathroom or the drains in your basement. Keeping cockroaches from crawling up the drains and into your home is crucial to keeping them at bay. Here are some tips for preventing cockroaches from coming up the drain and making their way into your home.
What makes cockroaches want to climb up the drain?
If you’re wondering why cockroaches would actually want to climb up the drain and make their way into your house, there are a few factors at play. Firstly, the drain is a perfect space for them to nest and make themselves at home. It’s dark, it’s out of sight, and it’s close to tons of food sources — namely you and your family. Another factor that makes cockroaches want to climb up the drain is the water. Cockroaches, like many pests, love the water that goes down your drain and sits stagnant in your pipes. They also love the sewage from your bathroom that also sits in your pipes. Cockroaches thrive in this environment. They love the humidity, warmth, and the abundance of food. They’re notorious for coming up through the drain and then making their way to your food in the kitchen.
How can you prevent a cockroach infestation?
The best way to keep roaches from climbing up the drain and coming into your home is by preventing an infestation from ever happening in the first place. Prevention is crucial when it comes to cockroaches. The first step is to keep your drains clean and dry. Every few months, it’s a good idea to use a pipe cleaner to clean the water and gunk out of your drains. This will keep the water moving, which will in turn keep cockroaches from wanting to make your drains their new home. Keeping your drains dry will also help prevent them from climbing up the drain. Make sure to keep the area around your drain dry as well. If it sits in excess water, it could become a breeding ground for a cockroach infestation.
Keep your drains clean and dry
Cleaning your drains out on a regular basis is an excellent way to prevent and repel cockroaches. Using a good degreaser and some elbow grease every few months is a quick and easy way to keep your drains clean and free of debris that might otherwise become waterlogged and breed cockroaches. Be sure to use gloves, though, because degreasers can be pretty harsh on your skin. Vacuuming your drains while they’re dry is another excellent way to keep them clean and free of debris. Doing so while they’re wet is not a good idea. The water will only sit in the pipe and make it a prime breeding ground for cockroaches.
Add an odor-fighting product to your traps
There are a few things you can do to make your cockroach traps even more effective. First, add an odor-fighting product to the traps. This will help to repel the roaches that do get caught in the trap by making the environment less hospitable. If you live in a humid climate, you may want to consider adding a dehumidifier to your traps as well. Humidity is what makes roaches love your home in the first place, so the less of it you have, the better.
Install a sealant in your drain
If you’ve done everything you can to keep your drains clean and dry, but you’re still having issues with roaches in your home, installing a sealant in your drains may be your best bet. Cockroaches love to make their homes in the nooks and crannies of your pipes. Sealant is a sticky substance that will trap the roaches in the pipes, preventing them from making their way into your home.
Preventing cockroaches is a lot easier than getting rid of them once they’re in your home — trust us, we know from experience! Take a few extra precautions to keep roaches from coming up the drain and making their way into your home, and you’ll be well on your way to keeping these pests at bay.