how to get rid of brown banded cockroaches

Brown banded cockroaches are another type of smaller cockroach that is often found in homes and businesses. They don’t have the long, smooth running ability of other roaches, but they are fast runners when they need to be. Their habitat preference is also very specific. They tend to like the outdoors where there are trees and shrubs. However, they can get inside through small cracks or holes in your house or business and thrive there. The brown banded cockroach has a brownish-yellowish band around its body with two darker bands on each side of the yellow one. They are about 1/4 inch long and have a slim, light yellowish-brown body with darker brown bands on each side of their body. Adult Brown Cockroaches are about the size of an apple seed. If you see these pesky pests in your home or business, here’s what you need to know about them and how to get rid of them once and for all

What is the Lifecycle of a Brown-Banded Cockroach?

The lifecycle of the brown banded cockroach is similar to all other roaches. The female cockroach lays eggs that hatch into baby roaches called nymphs. These nymphs mature into adults after about 6 weeks and then they mate and the cycle starts all over again. The entire lifecycle is typically 3 to 6 months, with each stage lasting about a month. These pests will thrive in warm climates and indoors. The female brown banded roach can lay an average of 70 eggs at a time and will keep laying eggs until she is about 60 days old. That’s about 8-10 batches of eggs! That’s a lot of baby roaches to deal with! Brown roaches prefer to live in dark places like under furniture, inside appliances, or inside wooden structures where there are lots of hidden crevices. They leave behind a shiny, sticky substance called fecal droppings to mark their territory. They tend to like warm and humid climates and are often found in kitchens, bathrooms, and areas where food is stored or prepared.

Where do Brown Banded Roaches Live?

Brown Banded Roaches prefer to stay outdoors in trees and shrubs around homes, as well as in crawl spaces and attics. This species is also known to live in outdoor utilities and appliances like air conditioning units or refrigerators that are not kept clean. If they get inside the home, they may be found in kitchens and bathrooms or even behind furniture. Brown banded roaches typically inhabit warm, humid environments such as tropical climates. They are commonly observed in southern regions of the United States and are less common in northern states. They are occasionally found indoors, often inhabiting areas with heavy vegetation such as gardens, yards, and parks.

Brown Banded Cockroach Behavior

Like all roaches, brown banded roaches are nocturnal insects. They like to come out and feed on your food leftovers at night when you are sleeping and you are not around to stop them. They love to eat and they love to eat just about anything. Food scraps, crumbs, sugar, paper products, leather, cotton, hair, other bugs, dead animals… they will eat almost anything they can get their little feet on. They are also very good climbers and can scale walls and climb up vertical surfaces with ease. If you have these roaches in your home, expect to see them in the kitchen, bathroom, behind appliances (especially refrigerators), in cupboards, under furniture, and any other dark, warm place that is conducive to living and breeding.

Brown Banded Roach Infestation Signs

– Shiny droppings – Small holes in wall paper or other paper products like books, magazines, pictures, etc. – Dark colored insects – Slight smell of sewage or rotten wood – Warmth in areas that shouldn’t be warm – Sound of insects running around – Sounds like running water in areas without running water – Slight mold or musty smell coming from a specific area – Areas of your home are warm and humid

How to Get Rid of Brown Banded Roaches: Natural and Organic Strategies

Like all roaches, brown banded roaches prefer a warm, humid environment that is easy to gain access to food and water. This makes your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas where food is being prepared and stored a likely place to find these pests. You can try the following tips to keep these pests out of your home and away from you and your family: – Make sure you clean up any food crumbs or spills immediately. – Keep food in closed containers and clean your counters and other food preparation surfaces regularly. – Remove excess vegetation from your home, including weeds and ivy from the exterior of your home. – Seal any holes or cracks in your home through which the pests could enter. – Grow plants indoors that have a pungent odor that the insects don’t like, like mint and lavender. – Use natural sprays and powders to kill roaches and keep them away from your home. – Make sure you use roach traps to catch them before they have a chance to get in your home. – Keep your home as clean as possible and reduce clutter to discourage the pests from setting up residence there. – Seal gaps in walls and floors to prevent easy access to your home.

How to Get Rid of Brown Banded Roaches: Chemical Strategies

If you are finding roaches in your home or business, chances are they are already well established and you need to take immediate action to get rid of them as soon as possible. Here are some tips to follow: – Seal all entry points to your home. This includes cracks, crevices, and other small areas. – Clean up any spilled food and crumbs as soon as they happen. – Store food in tightly sealed containers. – Regularly clean your home to eliminate hiding places for the pests, including behind furniture and appliances. – Use roach baits or traps to kill the insects before they have a chance to reproduce. – Sprays and powders can be used to kill roaches quickly, but you have to be thorough, and the pests will likely come back if you don’t seal all entry points.


Brown banded roaches are yet another variety of roach that can invade your home or business. They like to come inside and infest warm, humid environments and can be found in kitchens and bathrooms where they feed on food crumbs and other leftovers. If you see these pests in your home or business, you should take action right away to get rid of them. The best way to get rid of roaches is to prevent them from ever coming in the first place. One of the best ways to do this is to keep your home clean and free of crumbs and other food scraps that will attract them. Be sure to seal any cracks or crevices in your home to prevent easy access to your home by these pests and regularly clean your home to get rid of any hiding places for roaches.